Chanel cupcakes

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I have a good friend who very much adores the Chanel fashion brand. And seeing her birthday is just around the corner, her sweet sister Mel approached me and asked if I could bake her a box of specialty branded Chanel cupcakes as a birthday treat, who could possibly say no? It’s somewhat of a challenging task, because there’s a bit of art and craft in the whole process. My cupcakes needed to reflect the characteristics of the brand, being simplistic, elegant and characteristically black and white.


After some Googling around and seeing how others have made Chanel cupcakes or similar, I thought it’s best to keep it sweet and simple. I did a quick freehand sketch for Mel to convey my thoughts, suggesting the look to take on a ribbon cupcake, a butterfly cupcake, a white flower cupcake and a specially branded Chanel cupcake, all sitting on sewed diamond padding (to make it look ever so luxurious). I also suggested the flavors should be a mix of two flavors being chocolate raspberry and mixed berry.


I have to admit, I’m no expert, and playing around with shaping the fondant needed a bit of getting use to, and my working desk quickly turned into a very messy workshop. After some failed attempts and slightly deformed fondant shapes, practice rewarded me with some pretty nice results.


So happy birthday to the special birthday girl, and big thanks to Mel for coming up with the great idea and giving me opportunity to get my hands dirty 🙂 Hope you all enjoy these Chanel cupcakes.

1 Comment


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